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Máquina automática de embotellado de llenado de agua de botella carbonatada con gas de refresco de soda

Carbonated Water Filling Machine apply to the production of carbonated drinks, gas beverage,Soda water ,Soft Drink ,Sparkling water and low alcoholic drinks, etc.
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Salida (BPH):
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1. The suspending bottle-neck cramping design assures whole production line more stable during the working process and it also avoids malfunctions caused by the different bottle thickness or height. The design also dramatically reduces the required quantities of interchange parts which make it more convenient to change different types of bottles on washing, filling and capping.

2. Advanced gravity filling technology from Germany and Italy is applied on the machine, which assure quick filling and high accuracy of liquid level control.
3. Magnetic torque is applied on bottle screw-capping. Constant screw capping power can be adjustable stepless and therefore will not hurt the bottles at all.
4. Horizontal swirl cap sorting device is applied to avoid damaging caps. No caps, no capping; No caps, feeding system run automatically.
5. Human-machine interface touch-screen and PLC control system are adopted on the machine. Liquid level in the tank is controlled automatically. No bottles, no filling, no capping.
6. All parts connected with water are made of food grade stainless steel.
7. All main components makers are world-known manufacturers.

soda water filling machine

Descripción del producto:
Project Name: carbonated water filling machine 
Bottle Information
Suitable Bottle Material 
Suitable Bottle Shape
Round & Square / Others 
Suitable Bottle Volume 
150ml to 2000ml
Información de embalaje
Producing Speed Selection

(Based on 500ml)
2000BPH, 3000BPH, 5000BPH, 7,000BPH, 

8,000BPH,10,000BPH,12,000BPH,15,000BPH, 18,000BPH...
Machines Material
All material (which touch beer) adopts SUS304&SUS316
Labels Selection
PVC & Adhesive Label ...
Date Printer Type Selection
Ink & Laser 
Packing Type Selection
Carton Packing
Film Wrapping
Carton Tray Film Wrapping
Packing Quantity 
2*3; 3*4; 4*5; 4*4; 4*6; 5*6; 6*8......
12 Months After Installation for Electric Parts;24 Months After Installation for Machinery Parts
Customer's Factory Information
Temperatura ambiente
10-40 degree
Room Humidity:
No Dew 
Voltage Supplier
380V, 220V, Special voltage please inform

máquina de llenado carbonatado

máquina de llenarse de agua




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